We’ve Been Organising A Library

Anyway, good afternoon guys!

So I wanted to tell you all about an exciting little task we’ve been working on since yesterday. Our society actually has its very own little library, in the main office, built on books society residents donated. And yesterday, we were asked if we would kind of arrange all the books and make it nice and organised.

Of course we agreed, because we have no work anyway and it gives us an excuse to hang out XD, because it’s not like we’re together all day or anything (we are).

It’s been so much fun. We were told to arrange all the books in ascending alphabetical order, by the author’s surname. There are an insane number of books we had to go through. I mean, if my mom told me to do that at home, I would’ve groaned in protest and gone to sleep.

Seriously, it was exhausting, but somehow it was a whole lot of fun. It was completely our responsibility and we get to decide how to go about it, so we arranged them into three separate sections: Non Fiction, Fiction, and Children’s and Miscellaneous. Each of those sections was further organised by alphabetical order. That’s what we did yesterday, and it took us about 5 hours to get it all done, working as a team of four people. We did it this way: one or two people would pick all the books off the shelves and group them by letters. For example, they would pick out all the books written by authors with surnames starting from ‘A’. Then, they would dump all the ‘A’ books on the desk, where I sorted them alphabetically and handed them to another friend, who stacked them back in order onto the shelves. It sounds quick and easy, but it was neither XD.

However I’m really proud of the system we came up and how we worked together. Even though, I’m on vacation, it was so fun to do something productive, and do it with my friends. We were groaning by the end, but we got it done.

Today, we started the real work. The three of us (me and my two favourite sisters) headed down to the library at 8:30am, armed with bottles of water and dusting cloths. Today, we decided to dust each book and the shelves, and we had to record each book in a register. We also had to put a label on the spine of each book with a serial number, and on the front page too.

Each book had to have its own page in the register – with the serial number, name of the book, author, and price. Then details of borrowers for that book would be recorded on that page. We also came up with a handy code for labelling the books. Non Fiction would be NF, Fiction would be F, and Miscellaneous would be M.

One person would take the books off of one shelf and stack them in order which would make it easy for us to put them back, while another person dusted them one by one, and the shelf too. Someone else (me) would record the details of the books, one by one, in the register, and as I finished writing, one person would take the book from me, label the spine and front page of it, and stack it back on the shelf.

It took us AGES. It was very tedious work, but we managed to finish the whole Non Fiction section. It’s so satisfying to look at the shelves now, clean and dusted, labelled from ‘NF 1’ to ‘NF 70’, and with each of those seventy books having their own page, details and all, in the register.

We’re like, professional librarians now.

We had the cold air of a cooler and two fans, bottles of water, and music from our phones to make it all the more fun. The Fiction section is about twice the size of the Non Fiction section, which we have to tackle tomorrow, but we can’t wait XD .

It’s a lot of fun!

I don’t know if you’re able to understand me here, but it’s a really nice feeling to be part of a team and getting something done together. It’s one of the main reasons why I love sports, especially football. Being on a team is a wonderful thing, and it makes anything fun.

Plus, books. So. Many. Books.


I have serious bookshelf-arranging skills, and I put them to good use today. Seriously, it takes SKILLS to be able to fit as many books as I do on my bookshelf. Respect, please.

I know this wasn’t my regular style of post, and I know it probably won’t get nearly as many views or likes as my posts usually do.

But honestly, I don’t care about that.

I really don’t.

I like telling you guys about what I’ve been upto, and this was an experience I wanted to share, so I did. Plus this was actually supposed to be an intro for the post I was planning on doing today, but at 833 words, I knew I had to make it a separate post!

If you enjoyed reading this, do let me know!

I’m off to go shopping with my mom!!

ThePastryPoet, signing off.


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  1. That sounds soooo funnnn. I want to come sooooooo bad


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