Let’s Chat With (001): Siyana Online 💖

Helllo everybody, hope y’all are having a great day 🙂

Usually my posts have loooong intros where I like to tell you guys what I’ve been upto during the day or how my life’s been going, but not today – because today it’s not about me!

Today, it’s all about our lovely guest Siyana from Siyana Online! As I told you guys in this post, I’m starting a new series on my blog where I interview my favourite bloggers to get to know them better and to spread the word about their blogs. I am so, so happy that my very first interviewee is the wonderful Siyana. She runs an awesome lifestyle/beauty/travel blog, and she’s currently doing a series of posts about her trip to Barcelona, which I am just LOVING! She is also such a talented photographer and I love scrolling through her site and just randomly admiring all the prettiness. Make sure to check out her blog, because not only does she post great content, but she is also an incredibly sweet human being ❤

Let’s get straight on to the interview!


What should we call you? (Name)


What do your friends and family call you? (Nickname(s))

Siyana 😀

What’s your nationality?


Where are you currently living?

In the UK

What’s your occupation?

Student, actively revising for exams and looking for summer internships 😀 If you ask me, combined with blogging, that’s a full time job.


You’re probably sick of this one, but I can’t not ask 😊 . What made you start your blog?

Well, I was bored and lonely, I’ve bought myself some new stuff and really needed to share my excitement with someone, but there was nobody to listen (so sad, I know).

Okay, here’s a serious one. What’s your usual order at McDonald’s, or your favourite fast food place?

Double cheeseburger for sure, but I prefer the fries from Burger king!

The pictures on your blog are incredible! How and when did you become interested in photography?

Thank you! I was just unhappy with the quality of my phone camera, always trying to edit pictures so they look a bit better, but finally gave up and bough a proper camera. I’ve always had a passion for creating eye-pleasing images ^^

What draws you to makeup?

Nothing really, if I find a product I like – I stick to it for ages. Compared to other bloggers, I have so little make up – one mascara, one eyeliner, one bronzer… I might have got over the top with lipsticks, but we all have to agree that they are never enough.

Where’s one place you would love to visit, but not live permanently?

Hm, that’s difficult to decide, but I’ll probably say some of the Islamic countries. For example, I’d love to visit Morocco, ride a camel, etc, but don’t really see myself there for the rest of my days.

I loved reading your travel posts about your trip to Barcelona! Name the three things you loved most about the city.

Sun, paella, parakeets.


One of the first thoughts I had when I discovered your blog was what a lovely name you have? Can you tell us what Siyana means?

Thank you, that’s very sweet! Siyana in Bulgarian means shining with beauty and happiness. Also, the Northern lights (Aurora) are called Siyanie, and my name is really similar.. so I hope that kind of makes sense :).

Which was the last song you couldn’t get out of your head?

Khriz – you, by my side (you can only find it in spotify)

Could you tell us some of your hobbies?

Blogggging! And traveling, I love exploring new places.

Do you have a bad habit that you’ve recently broken, or are hoping to break soon?

I’m usually a night owl but managed to get up at 9:30 (at latest) every morning and get to bed by 1am every night for more than two weeks. To me, that’s a huge achievement, and I now want to teach myself to wake up even earlier ^^

What’s your favourite thing about your hometown?

Sea and food (seafood :D)


Preferred lunch location: picnic in the mountains or shack on the beach?

Uhh why not both? I love mountains and beaches equally!

Nutella or Nutella?

With bananas!

Puppies or kittens?

Gimme all!

Onstage or behind the scenes?

On stage

Flight or road trip?

Flight and then road trip 😀

Wild night out or movie night with friends?

Wild night on a Saturday and cozy night on a Sunday

Winged eyeliner or non-winged?

Winged, non-winged looks really funny on me.


Okay, if you could have a cake and eat it too, what would it be like? Describe it for us – tiers, flavours, frosting, colours, everything!

Chocolate and bananas – that’s my ultimate combination!

What’s one sweet treat you can’t live without?

Chocolate 😀 I don’t like anything else.

A book you’re always telling everybody to read, or a movie you’re always telling everybody to watch?

I don’t think there’s one, but please let me know your recommendations, as I’m always looking for stuff to watch and read! (I love HTGAWM and you should too).


Name an idol of yours, someone who inspires you.

Lydia Millen, wish I was just a tiny bit as beautiful, kind, successful, relaxed, and funny as her.

Describe something you’re passionate about, in a paragraph or so – it could be a hobby, a world issue, anything.

Currently as I’ve said, I’m looking for an internship for the summer, and it frustrates me so much when companies refuse to pay interns even the minimum wage. Like, yes, I am a student, not a millionaire, and I need to pay my rent, transport, and eat… sometimes. I think that’s unfair for students who don’t get support from their family, because they’ll be never be able to work for free and meet their needs at the same time! They’ll prefer to earn money (in retail, hospitality), never get the required experience, and never earn their dream job. Such an unfortunate circle!

What’s one thing you wish you’d done differently as a teenager?

Wish I was doing a sport, but my parents were unfortunately never supportive.

Tell us three things you’re thankful for.

The opportunity to live in a foreign country, my grandmother, and the parrot who’s adorably marching around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN_WzpQgDtY

 That’s it! Thank you for having me, that was a real honour! X

Is she not wonderful?

Again, thank you so much Siyana for participating in this little series of mine, it truly means a lot to me that you took the time out of your day to answer my weird questions 🤪.

Let me know which was your favourite answer! I loved learning about what the name Siyana means ❤

ThePastryPoet, signing off.


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  1. Siyana says:

    Oh hi, that’s me! It was actually my pleasure, your questions were so fun ^^


    1. 💖💖


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