Posts Coming Soon [Little Life Update]

Hey guys, I’m going to keep this real short and real quick.

So this is what’s been up with me lately:

All my friends are officially on vacation now, which means we chill together all day. But, it’s not as chill as you think. As in, we’re literally at home for a maximum of one hour at one time, otherwise we’re outside or at someone’s house doing god-knows-what. So it’s insane fun, but also really exhausting at the end of the day.

For example, this was my day today:

  • 8:30am to 10am: swimming
  • 11:30am to 2:30pm: playing cards and watching stupid childhood cartoons (you know it – Doraemon)
  • 3:30pm to 7:40pm – started off watching a movie at friend’s house, she has a projector and everything, but we got bored of the movie really quick and ended up going crazy gossiping for about 3 hours, plus her mom ordered pizza and Coke for us so
  • 8pm to 10pm – football, as usual (and it was really fun today, too)

So yes, I’ve been having lots and lots of fun with my friends and just enjoying my summer all day.

After I came home at 10 today I was dripping with sweat, as usual, so I took a shower and had something to eat. I am so, so tired right now. But I pressurised myself to get today’s post up, so before I left my room to go eat dinner, I turned the AC on and set my laptop on my bed so I don’t forget to post.

But the thing is, I’m not posting today. Well, I will be posting this, but not the post I originally had in mind for today, on my schedule.

I didn’t post on Wednesday because I needed a certain file for it, and Word was just not opening it. I literally NEVER have computer problems, but this time the one file I needed kept causing errors and making Word crash. You can’t even imagine my frustration. I had the post ready to go on time. I even tried on Thursday. No luck.

And today I was supposed to do a recipe, which technically I still can do. Could’ve typed that instead of this. But here’s the thing:

This is not me being lazy, or just not in the mood to post, or forgetful of my post schedule, all of which I have been before.

No, this is just me realising that I’m exhausted. Honestly, I would like nothing more than to collapse on my bed right now. I have a schedule, and I stick to it. Trust me, NOBODY is harder on me than I am. Nobody. But sometimes, I can cut myself some slack. I have trouble realising that, but I have. Today, I will.

I am going to go to sleep, because I want to. My eyes are almost shut. I will post my recipe tomorrow instead of today, because it’s better a day late than full of lack-of-sleep induced errors.

I’m posting this just to let you know what’s up.

So that’s what’s been happening with me lately.

Also – the official @thepastrypoet Instagram is coming VERY SOON – I just need to take one certain shot for my first post, and then we’re in business baby! Expect mainly bookstagram PLUS pictures of my cooking, of course.


Thanks for reading ❤

I’m going to get some sleep now, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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