Book Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Don’t worry, it’s spoiler free! I wouldn’t dare spoil a murder mystery for you.

It’s another hangover read, you guys.

I am so happy that I have been able to read such great books lately. I mean, I have had almost no discrepancies with any of the novels I’ve read recently, and it’s great!

I am also so proud and satisfied that I have finally been able to read something written by the Queen Of Crime herself, Agatha Christie!

I have not done a book review in so long (except my monthly Book Of The Month (BOTM) of course 🙂 ), and I am proud to report that there will be a few in this month! I have not been able to find time for reading in the past months at all, approximately since school started, but August is looking pretty great so far!

Which, if you think about, is actually very surprising. August, especially this one, is always the craziest month of the year. There are a lot of birthdays in our family in this month (including mine and my dad’s ayeeeee), so there are parties to organise, Ganapati celebrations to look after, and dances to choreograph! Since the Ganesh festival is always celebrated in a very nice way in our society, with events, games and of course poojas every day. This year, many of our relatives at also coming to stay with us, so it’s gonna be go, go, go!

In the midst of all this, I also have to manage school, classes, and the blog!

But I am so not complaining.

It’s so busy for my mom and I, but we love it! I especially love the feeling of having something to do all the time, and rehearsals for dances is the bestttt!

Anyway, back to books. Yeah, so I will be reading a lot this month and have already finished three novels, which is why there will most probably be an August Reading Wrap Up coming at the end of the month!


Now let’s get on with the review.


Ten people, all strangers to one another, have packed their bags, all set to stay at a lavish mansion on Soldier Island, off the coast of Devon. They are the invitees of affluent and unknown U.N. Owen. When the group, consisting of three women and seven men, arrive at their ‘vacation’ home, something is off. The letters of invitation from U.N. Owen seem authentic enough, each customised for the recipient, apparently coming from a long lost friend, a colleague, or a family member. But when a disembodied voice accuses each guest of a murder on their first night at the house, things take a turn for the worse. One by one, they start dying, and no one knows who is behind it. There seems to be no one else on the island, or is there? Perhaps what’s stranger still is how each crime bears a freakish resemblance to the murders in the nursery rhyme which is framed and hung on the walls of each of their bedrooms. And once the weekend has passed, the police finds ten dead bodies and unsolved problem on Soldier Island.


Now, in this book, I can’t pick favourites because none of the characters were intended to be likable. Which is just as well, because they were all strange and mysterious, which I admired because it made the story that much more interesting. What I will say is I thoroughly enjoyed the vast assortment of characters. We have madmen, retired army officers, law officials, grumpy old ladies, mysterious doctors, it’s great. Each character has a very unique personality and the author never reveals too much about them, but still gives enough information to keep the reader informed. I highly appreciated this, and loved reading about people with such different traits and professions.


Two words: MURDER MYSTERY! Oh HELL YES! I am an absolute sucker for a mystery novel, and murder mysteries?! Yes please. This plot was just incredible. It really made the gears in my head turn, because I was constantly trying to play detective, piece together the clues and figure out the murderer, beat the book to it. I love books that make you think, and this one sure did. Just how I wanted it to be, there were spots in the story where I would be like “OH HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT?!”, and I thoroughly enjoyed the little hints and teasers scattered throughout the book. The crimes were intricate, unpredictable, and made sense, which was the most important part. To my utmost satisfaction, the murderer was not revealed until the very end of the novel, and it was done in the best way. I really, really loved the whole concept, dealing with mania, dementia, greed and the need for self-preservation. Nothing about the plot was overly fantasised or too crazy to seem real, it all seemed like something perfectly capable of a psychopath. Also, Agatha handles the part where they all start suspecting each other, impeccably. It’s very real and reflects human nature perfectly. It was just FANTASTIC, and it truly had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. In fact, I finished all 275 pages in one sitting, how could I not?


I did not expect to enjoy the style of writing as much as I did, that’s for sure, after I learned that it was originally published in 1939. I’ll admit, at first, when all the characters were first being ignored, I was getting bored. It was difficult to get into the story at first, but I am so so glad I persevered and didn’t give up. I mean, it is understandable that the beginning was dull because there were so many characters to introduce, and she also had to effectively communicate the enigma of the invitations and Solder Island to the reader. The language is very unique, of course, and often I wanted to write some sentences down because they were so good! The suspense and thrill is maintained throughout the whole book, without being vague or confusing. She has just written it SO WELL, and I now know why she is called the Queen Of Crime.


The first thing I noticed was how small the book is! It fits so easily in my hands, and yes, it was the floppy kind of paperback, so yessss!


And Then There Were None has to be one of my absolute favourite murder mysteries of all time. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you enjoy a good thrill! Read it with the Pretty Little Liars theme track playing the background for extra creepiness…

My Star Rating

5 out of 5 stars, of course.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this legendary novel!

Thanks for reading fam 🙂

ThePastryPoet, signing off.






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