The Phases Of A Teenage Girl’s Sleepover

Hey hey hey!

It’s me again.

Of course, who else would it be?

This is my blog.

First and foremost, I would like to wish one of my dearest friends a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing day, M2, (or as you would have liked it, ‘Moony’), and I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to school today because I wasn’t feeling well at all, I badly wanted to see your bday outfitttt. You’ve been a great friend, and I hope we stay pals for much longer. Life wouldn’t be the same without your Harry Potter obsessions 🙂 .

Now, as you may know, my summer vacations have steadily (but not slowly) come to a very depressing end😭. I love school, but the idea of sitting in a classroom for seven hours of my day and waking up at a decent hour, is even more unappealing after a two month break.


But now that school has started, I LOOOOOVE it! It’s been the greatest time.

While I was lying around (I didn’t do much else those days…) and thinking about all the fun we had this summer, I started thinking about our sleepovers!

Slumber parties are guaranteed fun. You get to tell ghost stories, eat your weight in cupcakes and coke, and maybe even get some sleep! Wow!

But the more I thought about it, the more I began to realise that our amazingly epic sleepovers follow a very specific path. They always progress in the exact same manner, so today, I’m going to break break break it down for ya.

As Mario would say, “Let’s-a-go!”

1. The ‘Awkward Greeting’ Phase

Okay so I know a lot of people might be mentally denying this, but you know it’s true. You could have the coolest group of friends. You guys could be so comfortable around each other because you’re besties and you’ve known each other since you could only say ‘Dora’. But that doesn’t matter here. No matter how TIGHT your group of friends is, that moment when everyone walks in the door is always dripping with awkward. Come on, you know what I’m talking bout. You open the door, they come in, and then you stand around in the hallway for a few minutes smiling at each other for no particular reason, while everyone tries to come up with an icebreaker. Then, the host says ‘come on let’s go to my room guys’ and everyone trudges inside, and it goes on like this until the host’s mom walks in with snacks, and finally everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve found a common topic to break the tension: food!

2. The ‘Games and Activities’ Phase

This is maybe a few hours later, and by now, the awkwardness is all gone and you’re back to acting like a bunch of goofs. The things with us is, we LOVE playing games at sleepovers. It could be any kind of game, cards, Monopoly, Just Dance on the Wii, anything really as long as it’s a game. And everyone always gets so into it! For some unknown reason, it is always super exciting to play some pre set games at a party, especially because my friends and I are all ten years old at heart hehe 🙂 .

3. The ‘Everything’s Funny’ Phase

This is the cause of every stomach ache and/or cramp I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Now, the thing with us is, there’s hardly a time when we’re not laughing. Really. And especially at sleepovers, at around ten o clock, we just can’t help ourselves. I mean, literally ANYTHING is flippin’ hilarious, anything. This one time, I swear I was going to choke and die from suffocation because I could barely breathe, I was laughing my rear off watching one my girls bounce off the walls on a grape-juice induced sugar rush (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AHAHHAHAHHAHA). I kid you not, when I had my next sleepover, my mom actually went to the store to stock up on grape juice for her. It might seem like I’m exaggerating, but I am really not OMG. I love this phase.

4. The ‘Deep and Emotional Fusillade’ Phase

Here’s where things get serious. This is usually at around 1:00, 2:00 am, after the buzz and excitement has started to wear off a little. We realise that hey, we can talk about whatever we want right now, so why not. I’m obviously not going to disclose our exact conversations, but basically this is the point where our friendship is really tested. We talk about anything that’s troubling us, or maybe about our futures and careers, or about family issues, or about how far we’ve come as friends. It’s an outpouring of feels, and it’s really nice. Sometimes it can last the whole night, or sometimes it can end in five minutes and we all go back to acting like we don’t have brains. It’s pretty great.

Then, there’s just the usual, pranking the one who sleeps first and such (I’m always the one who sleeps first).

It’s kind of crazy how our slumber parties follow the same set pattern every time haha, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

I love my friends.

Do your sleepovers follow a similar path? Would you be able to make do without your friends? Please do share your thoughts with me in the comments below 🙂 .

ThePastryPoet, signing off.




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