Graphic Novel Collection

Whose birthday month is ittt??


Technically, it’s still a day away from being my birthday month, but who wants to be technical?

It’s been a week since I posted, but it literally feels like an eternity! Last week was probably the most hectic week I can remember, and with my awesome cousin sister here with us, I had a really hard time managing schoolwork, extracurriculars, and spending time with her too (though that was my favourite part 🙂 ). There was simply no time for me to post, and frankly, I would not have wanted to put up mediocre posts for you guys anyway, which was bound to happen with my exhaustion level.

If we gon’ do it, we gon’ do it right.

So yes, I am obviously very very excited for this month, and it’s going to be a great one for the blog too! I will undoubtedly have so much to talk about.

While I was just sitting and fantasising about all the books I am going to read this month (birthday haul HELLOOOOOO), and not-so-successfully trying to ignore the temptation to watch 13 Reasons Why (I wanna read the book first), I looked back at my bookshelf and went like


It’s true.

I do.

Actually it’s not that many, but let’s go with the flow, shall we?

That is why todayyyy I will be sharing my collection of graphic novels with you! Yayayay!

1. Conquering Everest, The Lives of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

Post #71 (10)

As you can probably tell, this was a biography of these two incredible men, and all about their amazing journey. It was so informative, yet fun to read.

The next few are going to be all Indian Mythology based, which is a real shocker for me because I just do not like Indian myths. It’s just my personal opinion, but all of these novels completely changed my view. I got to explore such interesting stories through some truly superb illustrations, and very easy-to-follow text, in contrast to the huge 1000 page fatties siting on my shelf. I owe whatever knowledge I have of our mythology to these amazing books. I’m sorry, ‘Mahabharata, the Saga, Part 1′, but you’re going to have to find someone else who’s willing to read your tiny font. You’ve been replaced 🙂 .

2. The Offering, The Story of Ekalavya and Dronacharya

Post #71 (11).jpg

3. Krishna, Defender of Dharma

Post #71.jpg

Post #71 (2)

This book was the first graphic novel I ever really read, and it was instantly my favourite, which took me by surprise, because, as I mentioned before, Indian Mythology is just not my thing. But this one had the most beautiful pictures and wonderful text, and I have read it about eight times.

4. Ravana, Roar of The Demon King

Post #71 (7)

Another one I enjoyed a lot, it told the untold tale of the infamous demon king.

5. Sita, Daughter of The Earth

Post #71 (8)

First of all, tell me that is NOT the MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. It’s sooooooo pretty and the story is just as wonderful. It was refreshing to see the tale of a goddess being told so well.

Next we have some awesome GREEK MYTHOLOGY!! Three cheers from all my over enthusiastic and over informed PJO fangirls. Bless Rick Riordan for introducing me to these incredible stories and fascinating history. Needless to say, both of these were excellent, and surprisingly accurate, since Greek tales often have multiple versions.


6. The Labours of Heracles

Post #71 (9)

7. Zeus and The Rise Of The Olympians

Post #71 (6)

Since I read Percy Jackson and Heroes Of Olympus long before I read this book, I had the utmost satisfaction of being able to go like “HA! I KNOW THIS!” while reading it. The fun, I tell you.


8. Steve Jobs, Genius By Design

You know those books which are just so good, that you can’t describe them adequately? This is one of those. Steven Paul Jobs is one of my biggest inspirations, though I can do without some of those personality traits hehe. Anyway, this novel was just out of this world. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read it, because I love it so much. The best part is that it really gives the whole story. The good about Jobs, and all of the bad. It is unbiased, raw, true, and crazy informative. It was after reading this that I started appreciating the iPhone in my hand, because man, what a miracle. Him, his company, everything. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that superb cover? My dad and I always agree that it seems like something Steve would have designed himself, minimalistic, because, as he said,

‘Simplicity is the final word in sophistication’ – Steven Paul Jobs.

So that was it for my Graphic Novel Collection, guys!

I wanted to add that all of these are by an amazing company called ‘Campfire’, and you should definitely go buy some of these.

Do it!

What better way to spend your money?

ThePastryPoet, signing off.










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