Food Review 003: Largo Pizzeria

Das right, yo gurl’s back with another food reviewwww!

A week ago, my friends and I were like “Hey let’s hang out, because it’s not like we see each other in school everyday.” We were all up for grabbing a bite at around six in the evening, so nothing too fancy and heavy dinner-like.  That’s when we decided to go to Largo Pizzeria, situated in the heart of Wanowrie.

We call it Largo’s though (doesn’t it sound weird to call it ‘Largo’, and like, who has the time to say ‘Largo Pizzeria?), so that’s what I’ll be referring to it as throughout the post 🙂 .

I cannot adequately explain what a good decision this was, because ahhhh I love that place.

Stick with me as I review my experience at Largo Pizzeria, Salunke Vihar 🙂

Ambience and Setting

Much like the place I reviewed last time, Café PeterDonuts, Largo’s is a super chill and laid back place. Although PeterDonuts was still a proper restaurant, Largo’s is more of a café than anything, and it’s awesome. There are two floors, with the upper floor having the cutest multi-coloured tables and chairs, and the ground floor being adorned with nice picnic-style tables. One thing which I really liked, is that Largo’s isn’t in an enclosed space, I mean it’s a proper café but the front is kind of open to the street, which is great because you can sit in the open air without feeling too exposed and still being under a roof. Also, they have some beautiful plants on the ground floor which make for awesome photo backgrounds. Last but not least, I wanted to give a special mention to the location of Largo’s. Because it is in the heart of Salunke Vihar, it is walking distance from lots of amazing joints like Henny’s (for waffles) and Baskin Robbins. After devouring our pizza, we just crossed the street and had some superb ice cream in quaint little place called The Creamery. They had some very unique flavours and interior was so aesthetically pleasing! Therefore, Largo’s is a great place to catch up with your friends in a cool, casual setting.


We each ordered a different drink, so I will talk about them individually. First up was the Blueberry Milkshake. Although my friend liked her drink, she told me that it was not as thick she expected a milkshake to be. The blueberry flavour was prominent and the sweetness was just right, she reported that, I quote, “It tasted like blueberries in milk”. So I think it would have been perfect if it was much thicker, more like a milkshake, with some froth. But, she did finish it, so it wasn’t bad. Next was my drink, a good old Cold Coffee. Are you surprised that I ordered coffee? You shouldn’t be, I talk about my obsession with coffee like every chance I get. Anyway, said obsession means that I rate my coffee very strictly, and I loved this one! It was just a perfect blend of that wonderful coffee flavour and the sweetness of the chocolate sauce. It also had that froth which I love in frappes, so YUM! The third beverage on our table was a Blue Freeze, and it was a very refreshing cooler. Has anything ever tasted bright to you? Well, this one sure did, and it looked so pretty too! The lemony sweet flavour made it perfectly tangy and fresh, so it was a real hit. There was just one small problem, it tastes a tad too syrupy, and by too sweet, the kind that makes you want to drink a sip of water immediately after. Lastly, there was the Peach Ice Tea. Since Ice Tea is such a staple, there’s not much I can say about it to make it sound unique, but I can say that it tasted more like watermelon than peach, but still good. 

Peach Ice Tea

Blue Freeze

Blueberry Shake

Cold Coffee


The whole selection of pizzas was displayed on an adorable chalkboard, and let me tell you, that was one BIG chalkboard! The variety was huge, and they offered just as many veg choices as non veg choices. Not only was the pizza absolutely delicious, the names were so witty! For example, I had the Jalapeño and Chicken pizza which was called ‘Chick-a-peno’, and my friend had a veg pizza with all the usual toppings, appropriately named ‘Plain Jane’! It was a treat to just read the menu. Now you might be wondering, “Why is this girl talking about each of her friends eating one whole pizza?! Are they teenagers or bears?!”. Well, I can assure you that we are very much human and not related to any kind of huge hibernating animals. 🙂 . The thing is, Largo’s is known for their HUGE pizzas. One entire pie is about the sign of a signboard, so they offer a choice to the customers. We can order a whole pizza, like normal, or by slice. Obviously, we took slices, which also meant we could taste more than just one pizza. The pizza itself was scrumptious, which just the right amount of cheese (although I’m a cheese lover so I could’ve gone for more hehe 🙂 ), and the chicken was really flavourful. 

Trust me, it’s much larger and even more delicious than it looks!


I was very impressed with the service at Largo’s. The person who was taking our orders at the counter was especially courteous and organised, and when we got an extra slice by mistake which we didn’t order, the staff insisted that we have it, on the house! They really made us feel welcome. 


I had an awesome experience at Largo Pizzeria, with good food and good drinks. I would highly recommend this place for a causal get together with friends. 

My Star Rating

4 out of 5 stars. 

Thank you to everyone at Largo Pizzeria, Salunke Vihar, for such a good time!

ThePastryPoet, signing off. 


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