The Best BookTubers Of All Time

I love these people so much, it’s scary.

Hey guys! It’s Monday. Again.

Oh joy.

I managed to switch into productive mode at school and finish all my homework in class, which means that I came home with a wonderfully light bag and lots of time to binge watch BookTubers.

If you’re a reader, and you don’t know what BookTube is, firstly, where have you BEEN? On MARS?! BookTubers are basically YouTubers who have channels dedicated to all sorts of bookish things. They talk about their monthly book hauls, favourite books, their opinion on books (like overhyped, most popular, the ones they thought are underrated or the ‘worst’ or ‘best’ of the year, etc), their bookish subscription services, just EVERYTHING book related!

And it’s.


As YouTube is becoming a full time, profitable career nowadays, BookTubers are also wildly successful. Publishers often send them ARCs of books (Advanced Reader Copies) to review, and sometimes even pay them to do so. Subscription services like OwlCrate and Fairyloot also do this, and they are often seen at book-to-film adaptation premieres and chatting with their favourite authors. They also get to attend exclusive events and conventions only for BookTubers and book bloggers. All this depends on their following though, and it’s not easy for sure. They work very hard to achieve all this!

I love hearing their opinions and thoughts on everything book related, and it is definitely the best way to pick up some recommendations! I learnt so much about publishing, writing, and just how the book world functions from watching these videos.

These are my 3 fave BookTubers of all time!

1. JesseTheReader

Jesse is kind of the god of BookTube. He has an insanely huge number of subscribers, the most out of all the BookTubers I’ve seen, and for good reason too! What really stand out about Jesse is how funny he is. My sides were aching for about half an hour after watching The Many Faces Of A Reader, now my favourite video of his. He is absolutely hilarious, and always recommends the best books! Please go subscribe, or at least watch the video I linked to above 🙂 . It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever seen!

2. EmmmaBooks

No, that is not a typo, her channel name is ‘Emmma’ with three ‘m’s. What I love about this woman is how bright and cheerful she is. Her smile is literally infectious, and I LOVE every video she makes. I think she’s my favourite in this list 🙂 . One thing I love about Emma is how every video she puts up is full of really genuine, quality content. She has a diverse reading spectrum and she has really inspired me to change my tastes and try new genres with different kinds of characters. I’ve loved all of her recommendations till now. Also, another thing I can’t help but mention is how absolutely gorgeous she is. She has a kind of gothic, mysterious style, and I adore her dressing sense and even how she rocks adventurous shades of lipstick like black and blue without looking like a vampire. I want to own all of her chokers. This girl is the best.

3. HaileyInBookland

Hailey was the first BookTuber I ever watched, and I owe my obsession to her completely. I think the main reason why her videos are so pleasing to watch is because she is a very calm and cool headed person. She’s never overly bubbly, and not too dull either. She is, again, very genuine like Emma, and respects both her opinions and others. She puts across her thoughts about a book, without offending anyone who might have different ones. I really respect her for that, and her recommendations have, again, never let me down.

Those were my favourite BookTubers, please let me know if you have some I think I should check out!

Go over and subscribe to these three, they are all amazing people who post amazing content.

Thanks for reading 🙂 see ya on Wednesday.

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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