Fun Places To Hang Out With Your Friends In Pune

Yo what’s poppinnnnnn???

It’s me, again. You know. Since it’s my blog.

But anyway, how are you all on this very wonderful day? I know I’m great, because there is all that beautiful sunlight streaming in from the window in the guest room, where I happen to be sitting. And it’s that perfect kind of sunshine, you know, the type which is so lovely and bright but not scorching your skin. Yaaaaaaaay.

I am also very happy because I got all my school work done for the start of the new week, and because I am meeting my girls for pizza in an hour or so! I loooove hanging out with my friends outside of school, obviously, and I realised that we have a few favourite spots too. If you live in Pune, then I hope this post gives you a few new places to have a good time with your friends!

1. Starbucks, Koregaon Park

Post #58

I know, this one is kind of a no brainer, but I couldn’t leave it out! I think we’ve been here the most out of all the spots in this list, and for good reason! Especially as someone who absolutely LOOOOVES coffee, this is a favourite. I specifically mentioned the Koregaon Park Starbucks because the décor and the whole feel of the interior is very cool and relaxed, perfect for hanging with the gang. It’s super aesthetically pleasing inside, with lots of browns and blacks and comfy sofas and lights on the dimmer side, along with that awesome coffee-shop smell. Great, great, great. Also, another reason why I love this place is that the seating is quite strategic, like there are lots of spots which are not secluded, exactly, but kind of private, which is great, because my friends and I act like we’re mentally unstable when we get together. So that’s convenient.

2. Mystery Rooms, Koregaon Park

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If you haven’t guessed by now, everything cool in Pune is in Koregaon Park. I kid you not, everything. Especially the eateries, you can find the quirkiest, most unique restaurants in KP. For this one, though, you don’t need to bring your stomachs, just your brain! Mystery Rooms is an awesome adventure, they lock you in a room and you get to play detective and escape by finding clues and cracking codes. There are various scenarios with increasing difficulties, and the hardest one, ‘Abduction’, where a terrorist group kidnaps an eminent political personality (you) to blackmail the President, has a success rate of zero percent! It is very challenging and such a different experience! Plus, you can even book in advance on their awesome website (I’ve linked to it above).

3. BluO, Phoenix Marketcity

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BluO is the final word in bowling, like the Nike of shoes. This place has attracted almost every Bollywood star, including SRK (that validates it anyway, I mean Shah Rukh). As you can see, it’s beautiful inside and not only does it have the best bowling alleys, but also serves spectacular food. Like, amazing. We had cheese fries the last time we went, and I think I could hear Chili’s cowering in shame. It’s such a cool place, and the first time I went there, it was actually for Karaoke! That’s right, BluO has an AWESOME karaoke room (it’s so beautiful inside, which makes you feel exclusive) and lots of great songs to choose from.

4. Largo Pizzeria, Salunke Vihar

This is the place I went today, and it’s already in my list of faves. I couldn’t find any good pictures of the place though. Sorry bout that. Anyway, Largo’s is a pizza place (if you couldn’t already tell – a pizzeria could mean anything, right?!) and is famously known for its HUGE pies. You can order a whole pizza, or by slice (like we did), and they have a really great selection too. It’s a very nice casual place with good food, good drinks, and SUPER reasonable prices! I really liked it. Just across the street are some awesome places like The Creamery for ice cream and Henny’s for gourmet waffles – best location ever!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked this one! Please do let me know if you have some favourite spots to hang out with your friends, wherever you live, because I would love to hear about it 🙂 .

Also, I will be reviewing Largo Pizzeria very soon, so stay tuned for that!

ThePastryPoet, signing off.








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