WWOHP and Other Harry Potter Merch Haul!

Have you ever felt like if you don’t go out and indulge in some kind of outdoor activity, it would be an insult to the good weather?

I have. Like, every time the sun’s out.

Right now, too.

We have been blessed with one day of sunshine (I’m going to jinx it, aren’t I?) in the middle of this super depressing monsoon season, and it just got me even more excited to write this post!

Two days ago, my dad came back from London, where he had been for about two weeks on business. Well, as always, he SURPRISED with me a whole bunch of AWESOME gifts, but this time, it was even better because they were all from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I literally burst into flames when he showed me.

Yes, spontaneous combustion is an after effect of extreme excitement.

Today I am going to share with you my WWOHP haul, along with the other Harry Potter things I have 🙂 .

1. Gryffindor Plush Pillow

Post #58

How FANTASTIC is this amazing pillow?! The colours are so bright and beautiful, and that crest in the middle is fierce. Talk about house pride! Although, I’m actually a Slytherin (and proud to be 🙂 ), but you need to represent the Golden Trio’s house, am I right?

2. Hogwarts Notebook

Post #58 (2).jpg

If you don’t already know, I have an unhealthy obsession with stationery of all sorts, and so, of course I totally flipped out when I saw this. The Hogwarts crest, complete with the infamous motto, is imprinted on a classy, plain black cover. The pages inside are beautiful, and it even has an elastic at the back which you can wrap around the front to keep the book closed! OMG, now I need to find something important enough to write in it. Tsk, tsk, so many problems.

3. My Wand!

Post #58 (3).jpg

I am trying very hard to keep my cool and not dissolve into a fangirling mess right now. I FINALLY have my very own, official wand, and it is the same one that our favourite potions master used in the films! Yesss, Slytherin pride! I love how simple it is, jet black with intricate carvings near the handle, and I think it really reflects Severus Snape.

4. Gryffindor Hoodie

Post #58 (4)

You can’t wear this, and NOT look cool. I mean, HELLO! LOOK AT THAT HOODIE! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I can’t even. I love that it’s a bit oversized, so it looks even more chill and casual-cool. Hands up, Gryffindors!! The Golden Trio would be jealous.

5. Marauders’ Map Crop Top and Snitch Necklace

Post #58 (5).jpg

I didn’t get this from WWOHP, but I absolutely adore it! The rich, royal blue background looks totally fab with the gold writing, and it’s a crop top too! With that, I have my Golden Snitch necklace which is so cute, and it opens up to reveal a cute little clock! you can represent and be on time, too!

Post #58 (6).jpg

Post #58 (7).jpg

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, these are my Harry Potter books and the beautiful case they came in!

Post #58 (8)Post #58 (9)

I know my collection is extremely small compared to some fans, who have rooms and rooms full of HP related things! But I love it, and it’s only going to get bigger!

Thanks for reading 🙂

ThePastryPoet, signing off.






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