Food Review 002: Café PeterDonuts

Walking into this place was one of the best spontaneous decisions we’ve ever made!

Sometime this week, my mom and I made a plan with our cousins to meet up for lunch. We were supposed to go to our absolute favourite sushi place, Shizusan, in Phoenix Marketcity.

And of course, in accordance with my wonderful luck, that traffic situation was so horrible that there wasn’t a single free parking spot in the mall or nearby, and we spent an HOUR stuck right in front of the place, unable to get in.

There go our sushi dreams.

As a last resort, we ended up in front of Café PeterDonuts, and today I’m going to review my experience there!

Ambience and Setting

Quite unlike the last food review I did, Café PeterDonuts is a very chill and relaxed place. It’s absolutely perfect for hanging out with your friends on a weekday, and the way the restaurant is organised is really nice. It’s very cool and casual, and even has an arcade kind of section with video games and darts! Nice and spacious from inside and very airy, and the red and black kind of colour theme was awesome. I was especially drawn to the place after I saw the ‘dining, desserts, coffee’ sign outside!! Perfect for catching up with your gang and eating some great food. The lighting also matches the laid-back atmosphere, more on the dim side but you don’t have to strain your eyes to see anything 🙂 . There was nice, soft music playing in the background so you can focus more on your conversation than on Ariana Grande. I really enjoyed the ambience of this place, and I knew I was going to like it as soon as I walked in the door. Here’s a glimpse of what the place looks like:

This is only the part where we were sitting, it’s actually quite a huge place!

From the outside


  • Options

Now I couldn’t pay attention to the menu as much as usual because I was absolutely ravenous when we arrived and just wanted to put something in my mouth, but I could definitely tell that I wanted to eat everything on the menu. Starting with DELICIOUS breakfast options, the variety of scrumptious dishes was just too good. They offered almost everything, from pasta and ramen to Spanish omelette and stuffed chicken breast! It was such a diverse selection and really had something to satisfy everyone. Tempura prawns, waffle combos, club sandwiches, delicious looking dimsums, soups, Korean specials, you name it and they had it! As you could probably tell by the name, they serve some of the most delectable donuts in the world, and the freakshakes and coffees there are to die for! This makes it not too posh, but not too informal either, like a polished kind of café. In short, perfect for a friends’ meeting. Sadly, we were too full to have dessert, but the choices looked GREAT!

  • Ramens

My family and I die for Ramen, so when we saw that PeterDonuts served it, of course that’s the first thing we ordered. We had the Gochuchang Cheese Ramen and the Peri Peri Ramen. Now, the thing with these dishes was, they were amazing as long as you didn’t look at it as ramen. Ramen is supposed to consist of Chinese-style wheat noodles in a broth, and it is, in my opinion, the best thing on the face of this earth. Broth, as you would expect, is very watery in consistency but also packs a REAL punch of flavour if prepared correctly. You see, both the Ramens at PeterDonuts were delicious, but they weren’t ramen at all, more like a cross between pasta and instant noodles. The ‘broth’ was very thick and gravy-like, but still super tasty. Both of them tastes extremely similar, which was bit odd. However, that taste was superb, with a creamy kind of feel and real kick of spice and tanginess! I couldn’t find any way to describe the noodles except for maggi. If you don’t have Maggi where you live (god forbid), then just google it and you’ll see what I mean. They definitely weren’t the proper noodles for Ramen, but they were pretty damn good! The garlic bread served along with them was a great way to kind of take a break from the creaminess of the sauce, and it tasted good, although I found it was lacking the actual garlic flavour. One thing to note was that both were really, really spicy, even the Cheese one. My family and I had tears coming out of our eyes the whole time, but it was too good to stop. If you like chilli, this is for you, but you miiiight want to stay away from the Gochuchnag and Peri Peri ramens if you can’t handle the heat. Personally, it was too spicy for me and I switched over to my mom’s order after a few bites, but as I said, that really depends on your taste 🙂 . Overall, these dishes were great as long as you don’t look at them as Ramen. I think they should change the name on the menu so people won’t feel misled, but will also get to enjoy the same great taste as we did 🙂 .


Post #57.jpg

The Peri Peri Ramen, and to be honest, the Ghochuchang Cheese one also looked the same 🙂

  • Stuffed Chicken Diane

For me, this really was Dish of The Day. This was actually my mom’s order, but I ended up eating more than half of it (I owe you one mamma). Chicken breast is difficult to get right, because it tends to lose all its juices and become dry and tough really easily, but this one was so incredibly tender and soft! The wonderful cheesy stuffing was absolutely sinful, and went so well with the grilled, kind of crunchy outer of the breast. Yum, yum, yum. There was also a white sauce on the top of the chicken, and it was amazinggg! It got a little bit too creamy sometimes, but that is to be expected with so much awesome cheese, and was easily fixed with a sip of water 🙂 . Yum, yum, yum. I highly recommend this if you visit Café PeterDonuts!

Post #57 (2)

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Stuffed Chicken Diane looked exactly the same in real life as it did on the menu 🙂

  • Arrabiata Pasta

There’s not much I can say about Arrabiata, because it’s pretty much the Harry Potter of food. Everybody knows about it, and what to expect from it. However, I can say that there’s a reason why it’s a favourite, and PeterDonuts has served me the best Arrabiata till date. The sauce was impeccable, with a thick but not too thick consistency (it coated the pasta perfectly, without making it float in the sauce 🙂 ), and the great tangy tomato-ey taste that we love. The penne was cooked exactly al-dente, and the whole dish was just superior. I loved it!

  • Drinks and Donuts

As I mentioned before, the coffees and donuts here are to die for. We didn’t taste as many donuts as we would have liked to, but trust me when I say that they serve the BEST cinnamon ones ever. They’re so big and fluffy and it was really hard to share (heh). I had the Mocha Frappe, and I am really particular when it comes to my coffee and shakes. However, even I could not make my drink last longer than a few minutes. It was just so good, and I emptied the huge glass almost as soon as it came. PeterDonuts has become one of my favourites for coffee now! My aunt ordered the Ferrero Rocher Shake, and the taste was nice and chocolaty, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a Ferrero shake if you didn’t see the Ferrero on the top. It was missing the unique nutty flavour of Ferrero, but it was good if you looked at it as a chocolate milkshake.


Post #57 (3).jpg

Mocha Frappe

Post #57 (4)

Ferrero Rocher Shake


We did not have any problems with the service at PeterDonuts, it was prompt and the staff were quite friendly 🙂 . The only small problem was that the Ramens left our mouths on fire, and they kept forgetting to give us water!


The adorable cups for water 🙂


I had a great experience at Café PeterDonuts, and would LOVE to go there again so that I can try everything on their tempting menu! It’s a great place with nice, chill, relaxed vibes and perfect for hanging out with friends 🙂

My Star Rating

4 out of 5 Stars

Thank you to everyone at Café PeterDonuts for the great meal, and we look forward to seeing you again!

ThePastryPoet, signing off.













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