A Day In My Life: Weekday Edition

Have you ever spent your afternoons watching videos of scuba divers and researching what you find in the ocean?

I have. Because I have to write a descriptive piece about what I saw and experienced when I dived downwards to explore the ocean.

Done that!

I actually did it yesterday, but I couldn’t think of a way to start this post 🙂 .

It happens sometimes, okay?

So a few days ago, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and somewhere or the other, I saw a post entitled ‘A Day In My Life’. I just loved the idea instantly, even though I didn’t actually read the post hehe. Sorry, random blogger who showed up on my reader. You can totally get me back later. I promise I won’t mind.

Anyway, I just think it is such an amazing idea that would be so interesting to read, at least for me. Let’s face it, we love knowing more about other people’s lives, no matter how creepy that sounds. It’s why we watch our favourite YouTubers’ blog channels, and we read blogs in the first place!

Today, I’m going to talk you through a normal school day in my life. Come, let’s experience the Pastry Poet life together!

Oh my god, I’m so lame.

Moving on…

6:40 am – I manage to open my eyes. It’s not easy, especially when monsoon season sends chilling winds our way in the morning, and it is SO MUCH COZIER under the covers. Ugh, but it must be done.

7:15 am – Sitting in the car, getting ready to reach school. A five floor climb (because I could run around the globe in the time it would take for my turn to come in the lift queue), undoubtedly more homework, and a seven hour day await me. Oh, joy. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, I love school, it’s so fun! What’s not fun is all the WORK that comes along with it. Yucky 😦

2:45 pm Time jump! I have just reached home, and at this precise moment in time I am probably taking off my shoes in the middle of the hall and ignoring my mom, who is telling me to put them to the side and preferably back inside the shoe-case (hehe sorry mamma), and it’s the same story every single day.

2:55 pm – The time has come for the one thing I dream about as soon as lunch ends in school: lunch number 2. I have lunch again when I come home, and let me tell you, I am absolutely famished when I’m back. Like, REALLY hungry. My mom and I usually chat over lunch, as I tell her all about my day and we laugh over all the funny stuff that happened in class. We talk a LOT. After we’re done chatting, we both usually switch over onto our phones because, hello, The Dolan Twins aren’t gonna watch themselves! Then, we fight over who gets up to take the headphones, because we both are on YouTube. It’s usually me who has to get up. I know you shouldn’t use your phones while eating, and trust me, we never do, but YouTube is the topic where my mom and I have the most in common. I’m not even kidding, it makes for great conversational matter. Our lunch chat lasted about 45 minutes the day Jake Paul posted that diss track (#Logang4life). With dad, though, lunchtime is a general knowledge exchange fest, which is just as good!

3:30 pm – It’s go time. Hustle mode. Productive time, and I’m glad to say, it is like this every day. After lunch, I enter my room, and everyone in the house knows that once I take my seat at the study table, there’s no turning back. Not until all my work is finished. The first thing I do is make my daily after school to-do list. Although this is mostly homework, it includes everything I must get done before I go down to play football. This can be practicing the piano, tests I have to study for, writing my posts, everything I need to do. Then, I prop this list up right in front of me to keep me motivated, and power through all my work. That doesn’t mean I don’t take breaks, hell no. I’m all about working efficiently, not longer. However, I take these breaks accordingly. I am one of those people who is extremely hard on themselves, so I will push through and do all the tasks I’m dreading first. Then, I give myself a little reward with an ice cream break and a few episodes of Dance Academy. I take breaks according to how much work I have to do. Too much work = almost no breaks, but that’s okay. The feeling when I’m finally done is the greatest in this world.

7:00 pm – Chai break. It has been my unspoken duty, ever since I declared the kitchen as my second bedroom, to make my dad’s coffee and mom’s tea in the evening. It’s a kind of family tradition, and it’s also the time where I have my pre-playing snack. I aim to wrap up all my work before this time.

7:30 pm – Now I don’t know what you think of when I say ‘go down to play’, maybe a bunch of squealing girls and boys playing hide and seeks and giggling madly. If that’s the case, well, you really couldn’t be more wrong. Ever since I first moved here in 2012, I realised that playing downstairs is one of the main reasons why our society has such a strong community, and it’s essential to our existence. About fifteen kids, our usual gang, gather downstairs to play football everyday, and I literally LIVE for this time of day. No phones, no social media, no electronics whatsoever, just friends and sports! It’s the BEST PART OF MY ROUTINE. Our matches are intense and VERY competitive, but also INSANELY fun. Almost everyday we come home laughing like madmen because of all the hilarious inside jokes and epic fails during the match. We are very, very close and I cannot begin to imagine what I would do if I didn’t shift to this society. It’s just one of those things which you can’t explain, you have to experience it firsthand to really understand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my society.

9:30 pm – I come back home after playing, and hold my breath. Why? Because you see, this situation can go either ways, and all of us kids have to deal with it everyday. Usually, it’s so fun that we don’t wanna leave, and we come home late, maybe at 9:40 or something. Scenario 1: Mom is completely cool, maybe she hasn’t noticed the time even though I’m like 15 minutes late, and I get by while she is in a super good mood. Scenario 2: I enter the house at 9:31 instead of 9:30, and there is a creepy silence in the house. I call out cheerfully, but there is no response. Then, in a dangerously calm voice comes Mom’s response: “Where have you been?” or “Come here” or “Do you know what time it is?”. You guys have NO IDEA how intimidating this is. At this point, I literally have pee running down my leg, and I know I’m dead. There is a huge Mom-rant coming on, and it’s not gonna be real friendly.

10:30 pm – I’m done with dinner, I’ve taken a shower and washed off all my yucky football sweat, and am now packing my bag to prepare for the next school day. This is also the part where I write a new quote for my word wall and stick it up, It could be anything, an inside joke, a funny football moment, and inspiring message, a nice word, a bookish saying, anything that I liked about the day and want to record. I head off to sleep, exhausted, thinking about my day.

I know, I know, it’s not real exciting. But it is how my typical school day goes, and I wanted to share it with y’all! You can’t expect a weekday to be too wild, after all.

Thanks for reading 🙂

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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