Some Bookish Aspirations

What’s good, fam?

Monday afternoon and I am backkkk!

I actually have a day off from school today, and I have just been running around trying to get all my homework done and prep for the week ahead, maybe study in advance for some tests that I have coming up.


And although I want nothing more than to catch a few Zs, even if its only for 20 minutes, I just had a very intense debate with myself and came to the conclusion that I must get my work done first.

It went a lil something like this:

Procrastinating Brain: Yo, that bed looks so damn fine right now…

Hustler Brain: What? No it doesn’t.

Procrastinating Brain: Oh come on, twenty minutes won’t hurt you…..or a few thousand….

Hustler Brain: But…but…but…yeah I got it! What if you don’t finish your work on time and then….

Procrastinating Brain: No! Don’t say it!

Hustler Brain: ……and then you can’t go to play football??

Procrastinating Brain: FINE! You win. For Now.

Hustler Brain: Damn right.

Procrastinating Brain: *distant murmuring* cozy blankets and fluffy pillows….

Hustler Brain: Shut up.

So, that’s how I am sitting here right now, typing this out for you to read.

Far, far away from the bedroom.


Anyway, as you might have guessed from the title, today is going to be a very fun, bookish post! I would looooove to see my favourite booktubers and bookish bloggers do this one, especially @Maxxesbooktopia, @JesseTheReader, @Emmmabooks, and @HaileyInBookland. I LOVE these guys!

The first bookish aspiration of mine, is, of course, completely irrational and almost impossible, but that’s the fun part! At least once in my lifetime, I want to be given a free rein in a major bookstore like Barnes and Nobles. I know, some of you might be like “OMG, cringe much?”, but that is pretty much my idea of heaven. I want to walk into a bookstore, absolutely no one telling me what to do, preferably with a thousand dollar gift card (okay, five hundred will do, I’m not greedy 😉 ), and pick up EVERY SINGLE BOOK MY LITTLE READER HEART DESIRES. Can you imagine that, reader fam?! Bliss. Just for once, without worrying about money or where I’ll put them or if it’s the right time to buy them, I want to just go nuts in a bookstore and pick up whatever I want.

If you have already done that, please note that I am turning several shades of green right now.

Secondly, kind of a no brainer, I want to publish my very own YA novel. I love writing just as much as I love reading. I always have, and I always will. It’s been a dream of mine since very, very long to be able to call myself an author , and hopefully, one day, I will have worked hard enough and written well enough to see my name on the cover of a hardback (because hardbacks are my one true love, and if I ever do get a book published, it will certainly not be a paperback 🙂 ). Bonus points if it’s a bestseller!

The third one is one of my biggest fantasies. It’s one of those, where you can picture every detail, so planned out and perfectly executed in your mind that it might as well be reality. It will be reality one day, though 🙂 . Ever since I was a little foetus Pastry Poet, I have wanted to devote an entire room to my bookish obsession, and this has to be a room in my very own house which I will buy some day. I’m talking wallpaper with bookish quotes on it, all my bookish merch on display, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, everything, everything (What’s up, Nicola Yoon?). Plus, I really want to make this the biggest room in my house, because it’ll probably what I’ll be most proud of, and, let’s face it, where I’ll spend most of my time.

You know it’s true.

Next, I want to meet and maybe interview for my blog, all of my favourite authors (who shall not be named until I publish a post called ‘My Favourite Authors’). These people have changed my life, you guys.


Last but not least, I would like to own every edition and every one of those accompaniment books for the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ series, because those two are my favourites series in the entire worlddddddd, and the editions and graphic novels are too beautiful to be not be owned.

Thank you for reading about my bookish aspirations, and please feel free to do your very own version (like a tag)! Make sure to tag me @thepastrypoet if you do, because I would LOVEEE to read them!

See y’all on Wednesday 🙂







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