Tips For Putting Together A BOMB Bake Sale!

I’m actually cold right now.

Which means I can pull out all my fab full sleeve tops that I never get to wear otherwise, because the climate where I live is usually like the inside of an oven.

Yay! Fashion!

Heyyyyyy guyssss, I am back on Friday, just as I promised.

I had a pretty good week! School was fun, and I only had to go for three days because Monday and Tuesday were declared holidays 🙂 . When I did go, I was super SUPER productive, often getting all ticks on my after-school to-do lists. I hustled, I worked, I studied hard, and that earned me some pretty good test scores and English marks! Yay! I also did not compromise on my fun time at all, and had a blast playing football in the society everyday. It’s been good, and I’ve managed to keep up one step ahead of the laziness.

Take that procrastination.

How was your week? Do let me know in the comments below!

Today, instead of a recipe, I will be doing something different, but still baking related.

Back in December, my friends and I put together our very first Bake Sale! I had been wanting to do this for an INSANELY long time, but we always had to postpone it because of some reason or the other, usually because exam season kept rearing its ugly head. However, I found that the Christmas Fair in our society was the perfect place to give it a shot, and I am extremely proud to report that it was a TREMENDOUS success! We raised about 3000 rupees for an organisation which takes care of children affected by AIDS, with whom we are very closely connected. All the treats were 100% homemade, and we actually sold out by the end of the Fair!

But of course, we put a lot of time and effort into this project to make it this big of a success, and I thought I would share my secrets to how we did it!

1. You need a team, and it better work like a well oiled machine.

I am not saying that it would be impossible to organise a bake sale alone. I am saying that it would be much more reasonable, much easier, and much more FUN to do it with a team! Now, the number of people in your team is completely upto you, and of course, it depends on how large or small scale you want the sale to be. For ours, we had a team of five people. As someone who makes schedules and plans for everything, I HIGHLY recommend doing it for this too. When you have a team, you need to delegate responsibilities and divide up the work between yourselves. Since all our goods were completely homemade, we assigned three people for baking, and two for stall decorations. When the sale was going on, two stayed at the stall (one to tend to the customers and one to manage the money), while three people acted as scouts and talked to people nearby, inviting them to come to our stall. This ensures smooth sailing on the day of the sale. You also need to communicate with your team efficiently. We had lots of meetings to finalise everything, and decisions were made together. Although it is best to have a leader, you must take everyone’s opinions into consideration and work as a unit.

2. Cater to the customer.

This one is very VERY important, and although it should seem like common sense, a lot of people forget this when planning any kind of sale. We needed several wake-up calls before we realised it ourselves. I know that when we first finalised the bake sale, we wanted to go all out. I wanted to bake anything and everything, the fancier the better. Let me showcase my skills, after all, it’s the perfect opportunity! No. It’s not about you. It’s about the customer. Let me explain. In this case, I knew that the people in my society would prefer simple, cozy treats. No matter how much I wanted to be as fancy and MasterChef-y as possible, we had to keep in mind what would work with the consumer. No point in making exotic wasabi souffles if you’re selling at a senior citizen event where everyone just wants something simple and sweet. For example, we knew that a huge portion of our customers would be children, so we included a hearty chocolate cupcake in the line-up, because kids love chocolate. And, boy did it work! So you see, you have to cater to the customer. Woah, I should be a saleswoman.

3. Be ready to handle disasters.

Let me tell you a story. My friend and I, who were some of the baking in-charges for our sale, had about 40 – 50 vanilla cupcakes ready. They were absolutely perfect, and we decided to frost them later, fresh for the day of the sale. On the morning of the event, I arrive bright and early at her house to get icing. To our horror, we find that all of our fluffy. pillowy cupcakes have collapsed to about half their height. The texture and taste was exactly the same (and by that, I mean GREAT 🙂 ) but they looked like someone sat on them. That flat. The problem was, this was supposed to be a special item. It is my own creation, where we cut the cupcake in half, fill the inside with pineapple frosting, sandwich the top back on, and top them off with a little more frosting and some fresh pineapple. But, of course, we couldn’t do that with cakes that were already so flat, even without being cut in half. Understandably, we were devastated. The best item was going to have to be cut. But no! Thinking quick, we realised we could just sandwich two individual cupcakes together, instead of cutting one in half! Not only would they look just as big as a normal, not-collapsed cake, they were actually even cuter! But surely, that meant we would only have half the number vanilla-pineapple cupcakes to sell? Again, no! Another friend of ours brilliantly suggested that we could use chocolate cupcakes too, since she had many extras from her batch, and guess what? The chocolate-vanilla-pineapple cakes were the first to sell out 🙂 . Just like that, we averted a crisis and got the best out of what was sure to be a sticky situation. That’s why you have to be ready to think on your feet and turn things right round.

I have a lotttt more tips to share with y’all, but I’m afraid that will come some other time (maybe a second edition 🙂 ) because this has already exceeded 1200 words!

Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope these helped you in some way. Do let me know if they did in the comments below!

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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