Types Of People At MUN

It is wayyyy too nice outside! I am loving all this sunshine and green grass and things. It’s giving me mad productive vibes and making my soul smile.

*cue cloudburst*

That is what I would expect from my luck. It’s literally as rotten as luck can get.

But anyway, hey guys!

Or should I say, greetings, fellow delegates!

Today’s post is going to be all about MUN, and of course, the people who attend it.

MUN stands for Model United Nations, and it is exactly what it sounds like. MUNs are a simulation of real United Nations summits, where representatives of countries from all over the world come together to discuss global issues and brainstorm solutions. These representatives are called delegates, and each represents a specific country. Delegates are also assigned a committee, like in the real UN, such as UNICEF, Security Council, UNHRC, UNCSW, and more.

Until last year, I was one of those kids who thought the most pressing issue in the world was the extinction of cacao beans. I never read the newspaper or watched the news. I had no clue about a whole lot of stuff that I do have a clue about now.

And it is ALL because of MUN. See, once you are assigned a committee and country, you have to research about a specific agenda, or topic. The purpose of every and any MUN conference is to pass a ‘resolution’, an official document that proposes practical solutions for the problem at hand, for which the committee needs to vote upon. A committee that does not pass a resolution is considered a failed committee.

That’s not good.

This goal is reached after debating with all the other delegates, through GSLs, moderated caucuses, and basically by following the very precise rules of procedure for a UN conference. It works WONDERS for your public speaking, because talking to a room full of delegates, often representing countries with much more power and influence than yours, is no small feat, especially knowing that you can be questioned. You have to be confident, well prepared, and most of all, diplomatic. You also have to be practical. For example, suggesting that DPRK and USA work together to rid the world of nuclear weapons would get you laughed at by the whole committee, and earn you a lot of incredulous stares.

Not happening.

MUNs are the BEST thing EVER, since they update you about global affairs, let you learn how things work in the real world, introduce you to a bunch of AWESOME new people, and do so in an incredibly fun manner. Usually, on the first day of the MUN, there is a dinner and dance for the delegates, called the ‘socials’. These get pretty wild, and allow you to get to know the delegates outside of the formal atmosphere of committee.

Plus, the dress code is western formals.

Tell me you’re not excited to rock that pencil skirt or suit.

So that was just to give you a very very very brief idea of what a MUN is, because it would be pointless for you to go into this post knowing nothing about them. However, there is SO much more to MUNning, and if you want to know more, just Google it!

It’s really one of the best experiences you could ever have.

Without further ado, here are The Types Of People At MUNs!

1. The Best Delegate

One thing I forgot to mention before, another awesome thing about MUN is how there’s a competitive side to it. At the end of the conference, the Executive Board members from each committee give awards to the people who they think performed the best, from their respective committees. Now this guy, this person’s life depends on taking home the ‘Best Delegate’ trophy. I mean it. Said delegate will speak every single chance they get, which is actually a good thing. The problem arises when someone else makes a valid point. That is unacceptable. Most likely, our guy will get deeply offended and not give anyone else a chance to open their mouths. I can bet you my Nutella that he’ll skip socials and head straight home without saying goodbye to anyone, to prepare every sentence for the next day. Winning is the only option for this kid. He’s only here for that trophy.

2. The Rebel Zombie

I know, he sounds cool. Now this, is that one kid in your batch who you don’t even notice until you get your class photograph at the end of the year. Straight up, this boy don’t need no invisibility cloak. Don’t show off, Harry Potter. Why? Because he will ensure that nobody notices his presence. I have known delegates that did not speak once, not even a word, in the entire two/three days of the conference. Nothing. Silent. Whether it’s nerves or just plain boredom, it is likely that this kid was forced to attend the MUN, because he LITERALLY sleepwalks through it. Hence, zombie. Dazed, and occasionally, creepy. By now, you should be like “Okay, but what about the ‘rebel’ part?”. You see, as much as this person tries to make himself undetectable, all good chairs get their quiet delegates to speak, at least once. And when our guy does eventually have to say a few words, it will probably be something ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND UNEXPECTED. For example, at my last MUN, we were in a World War 2 committee, and we all know that the war started with Germany’s invasion of Poland, and by invasion, I mean completely trashing the nation. So when the delegate of Poland is forced to speak and clarify his stance on the agenda, he declares his nation in SUPPORT of Germany. WHAT?!?!?!? Would you wanna be friends with someone who trampled all over you and reduced you to nothing?!?! These delegates are weird, yo. Weird.

3. The Lonely One

At most of the MUNs I’ve been to, the organisers sell roses which you can send to anyone present at the conference, with a little note attached. It can also be anonymous. Now, this is convenient, because there are a lot of good looking people at MUNs 😉 . But this person takes things a little too seriously. Oh they’ll be paying attention in committee, all right. Paying attention to potential love interests, that is. Now at MUNs, there’s often a lot of “Will you dance with me?” at socials and “The delegate of xyz is HAWT” in confessions, but this person is literally interested in nothing else. They will hit on everything that breathes, and you better believe they’ve got a wallet full of cash to buy up the whole stock of roses. The chances are high that this person is the best-dressed in committee, but could care less about the rights of prisoners and detained persons. They are here to end their loneliness, and you can trust me when I say that they are dedicated.

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted little post, I know that I had a BLAST writing it for you guys 🙂 .

Please note that I do not wish to offend anyone, and this was just for a bit of humour. You can find all kinds of wonderful, wonderful people at MUNs and these are just a few funny categorisations!

See ya on Friday 🙂 .

ThePastryPoet, signing off.





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