Marvel Merchandise Collection!

It is finally happening!!!

As you may or may not already know, I am insanely obsessed with all things Marvel. More specifically, all things ‘Avengers’. About a month ago, I attempted to explain my obsession with Iron Man (who is my favourite superhero of all time), and that’s when I had the great idea to do a Marvel Merchandise Collection post!

I had to wait until I was back home to do this, because I needed pictures of all the merch, and now, the time has come!

I’ll be honest tho, I was putting off this post, simply because most of my merchandise was packed in my suitcase (clothes, guys, I don’t carry all my merch around with me okay 😉 ), and unpacking is just such a CHORE. I can’t stand any sort of mess in my room, so bags are usually unpacked as soon as we’re back. This time however, I fell sick, and a lack of energy coupled with intense procrastination, led to me unpacking my bags today, finally. A week after we reached home 🙂 .

Turns out that this was the perfect time for me to snap pictures of all the Marvel-y things in my room, since the clothes were strewn across my bed anyway 🙂 .

Mom, keyword: were.

Let’s get on with it!

Or should I say, “Avengers, assemble!”

No I shouldn’t, because that makes no sense here.

Yeah, let’s start now.

Post #40

Ahhh I am in LOVE with these sneakers! My aunt got these for me when she had gone on an overseas trip, and I literally flipped when I saw them. The colours are so vibrant, and hello, can we please take a moment to appreciate that bomb-ass print? Needless to say, I wear them everywhere.

Post #40 (5)

You can’t be a Marvel fangirl and not have themed hats! The Iron Man one was a surprise from my dad, and when I put it on, I instantly feel cooler. Get this, it even says which Mark of the armour it’s based on! It may be the prize jewel of my collection 🙂 . The Cap baseball cap (ahah, so punny) is nice and simple, perfect for a casual outfit, so you can look laid-back and REPRESENT at the same time! And yes, I have minion wall stickers on my cupboards. Bee-do.

Post #40 (2)

I went and bought this poster as soon as I watched Age of Ultron. All the characters are positioned so well and they all look SO COOL OMG AHAH. Although it took me a minute to spot Quicksilver up in the corner over there. The colours are bright and perfect, although the lighting was being annoying when I took this photo, so it probably doesn’t seem that way. It was one of the first Marvel-y things to enter my room, and I love it.

Post #40 (3)

This is the same poster, in it’s cozy little corner next to my humongous bookshelf 🙂

Post #40 (4)

This is the newest addition to the collection! My mom and I were shopping at one of those you’ll-find-everything-over-here warehouses, and she picked one of these cushions up and put it in our trolley, for my little brother. Then she saw my face, and put an extra one in for me. Look at that, you guys! It’s amazing! It’s perfect! It’s good for my back! It’s Iron Man! What more could you even want. My desk chair is so blessed.

Post #40 (7)

This Captain America crop top, high waisted black jeans, and a twisted side braid has become one of my signature looks. That is me, though. Except for the heart eyes, you know, being anonymous has it’s demands.

Post #40 (6)

I just LOVE this dress. The black background is uber-cool, and ‘Iron Man For Class President?’ I wanna write that on my forehead! It’s a very casual little ensemble, with a cute cutout in the back. It’s the best, I love it, and I’m gonna get the Captain America version real soon.

Post #40 (15)

Just a little collection of a few Iron Man knick-knacks I have lying around 🙂 . The super cool keychain was a birthday present from a friend, the phone case was from my mom, and the cute badge was the result of a lot of whining 🙂 . What can I say? I use very mature techniques to get what I want.

Post #40 (8)

It’s a Cap Minion!! Ahh, the cuteness is too much. Though, staring at it for too long gives me the creeps. Also, how nice is that shield keychain? It hangs from the zipper of my schoolbag, all year round.

Post #40 (16)

No, you didn’t go crazy. That is actually an Iron Man stuffed toy. I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE stuffed animals, and although he doesn’t look anything like Iron Man, he’s super cute. Plus, he’s got tiny repulsors and a unibeam. That’s reason enough, people.

Post #40 (9)

How adorable are these mini badges, and the expression on Cap’s face??

Post #40 (10)

There must be something about minions, because they make everything seem like ten times cuter. The expression on this one’s face is so funny, and the entire mug makes an amazing stationery holder! The markers are so privileged, they get to call an Iron Man mug home.

Post #40 (12)

I want to live in these pants. Please. The decal on one leg is superrrrr, and the shirt, well, it has Iron Man. Need I say more? My favourite shirt had a SUPERBLY FANTASICAL pose of Iron Man mid-flight, set against a black background, but sadly it’s all faded and ruined now because I used to wear nothing else :).

Post #40 (17)

I got this shirt as part of my fourteenth birthday gift from my mom, and it is one of the best items of clothing I own. Ugh, the whole team with the man himself, Tony Stark at the centre, it’s sure to impress. I looooooove ittttt

It was so exhausting to type all of that out, but I couldn’t be prouder of my collection.

Some people will think it’s huge, some people will think it’s tiny, and that’s okay. It’s pretty darn big to me, and I love everything in it.

You might have noticed that there was only Captain America and Iron Man merchandise, mostly. Well, the sad truth is, they just don’t make as much Hawkeye or Widow merch as I would like them to. I don’t know why though, because they are hugely celebrated characters and an essential part of the Avengers. That, and I don’t really care for Hulk. Thor is okay. But together, they’re the best!

Before I end this post, there’s a little surprise in store for you guys. You might wanna close your eyes before scrolling down, and then open them.

Post #40 (11)


OMG ahahahhaah I sincerely apologise if that scared you, which, chances are, it did, but it was too good not to include! I saw this mask in a store at the mall, and I just could not resist. I probably scared off all the customers.

Well, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave me a comment down below 🙂 .

ThePastryPoet, signing off.





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