20 Bookish Facts About Me

Good news, guys!

Actually, it’s both good and bad news. Let’s call it gad news.

So the gad news is, I am officially back home! I am still technically on summer vacation for about two more weeks, but because I am no longer out of town, I will not be missing any more posting days. Yesterday was the last of those, because I was packing. But it’s also bad news, because I’m leaving Raipur and Nagpur behind.

Hence, I give you gad news.

I have been really into BookTube lately. I always watched BookTubers, but not very often. Now, though, that’s almost all I do. So I have been discovering a bunch of new ones whom I absolutely LOVE, and I’ll probably post about them soon.

One of them, JesseTheReader, posted the video ’25 Bookish Facts About Me’ and I came across it while I was in the middle of writing this post! What a coincidence 🙂 . Anyway, of course I put the typing on hold and finished the video first, because, priorities, people. He is among my favourite YouTubers EVER!! He is just so funny and amazing, and somehow I can relate to everything that comes out of his mouth.

Please go over to his channel and subscribe!

Anyway, here are a list of some bookish facts about moi.

  1. One of my all time favourite places to read, is the bathroom. The privacy is perfect for those of us who suffer from plot-twist-fever.
  2. If it was my choice, I would want every book in the world to be a hardback.
  3. I despise any electronic form of reading, especially the Kindle. A lot of people are going to disagree with me here, but that’s okay. I just can’t replace the authentic, page flipping experience with anything digital.
  4. If there’s a snack in the house that I really want to eat, I will save it until I’m free to read. It tastes so much better while I’m reading, seriously.
  5. I have a huge children’s storybook collection (the proper Disney one guys, some respect over here please) and I am so proud of it.
  6. Although I have next to no space on my bookshelf and I am continuously buying more books, I refuse to get rid of any of my childhood books, no matter how many illustrated copies of Snow White I have. I am super attached to all of them.
  7. This habit is one I need to get rid of, but probably won’t be able to. I always spoil the book for myself by reading the last few pages immediately after reading the first chapter or so. Patience isn’t really my strong suit…
  8. I almost never buy books from actual bookstores, because we find them for like half the price online.
  9. However, I love love love just browsing bookstores and taking in that amazing smell.
  10. When my cousins are over, I always try to force them into listening to a bedtime story so I can pull out my childhood storybooks.
  11. I love reading comics and I am crazy obsessed with the Archies. I feel like no one reads them anymore and I find that so absurd, because Jughead Double Digests make my soul smile.
  12. I am also addicted to reading graphic novels, and I hope to start a collection someday.
  13. This one is kind of my trademark. For my all time favourite series, I keep checking in my mind to see if I remember what happened in the books, because when I finally forget most of the stuff, that means I can reread the series. When that time comes, the joy is real.
  14. I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief before reading it. After finishing the book, I realised what a crime that movie was. How’d you let that happen, Uncle Rick?
  15. I tried to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 11 times before finally getting hooked.
  16. It causes me physical pain when people don’t share my love for a particular book.
  17. When I’m reading, nothing else exists. I go into this kind of trance where I can’t hear people, or tell that time is passing.
  18. I find immense pleasure in rearranging my bookshelves. I would probably prefer a date with my shelves than going to a party or something.
  19. I absolutely cannot read classics. I don’t know why, and I’m not proud of it, but sadly, my beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice has been lying untouched for years. I will get around to them someday, but probably, not anytime in the near future.
  20. When I read the Great Gatsby, I used my handy little electronic bookmark dictionary to look up the meanings of any words I didn’t know. One time, there were eleven words I wasn’t aware of on one page. This was the only classic I’ve read, and what a vocabulary booster it was!

This was my list of bookish facts about me, and I hope you liked ittttttt 🙂

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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