Huge April/May Book Haul

This has to be my biggest book haul ever. EVER.

As you know, I used the classy, mature approach to convince my mom to buy this outrageous number of YA novels to keep me busy on vacation. The classy approach being relentless begging and throwing tantrums. 🙂 . Don’t judge – it worked didn’t it? Plus, it’s okay to be immature once in a while. We’re all gonna become tax-paying grumpies (aka adults) in a few years anyway. Shout out to all my #taxpayinggrumpies out there! Keep paying those taxes, yo.

LOL anyway, this is going to be a nice short post (well that’s a first) so that I can share with you, all the great books I’ve acquired this month. Or two months, ya know, April and May.

Aaaaand I know some of you must be wondering what is up with me, since I posted twice on the 11th (that was because it took me two days to finish the food review, so I didn’t post on the 10th), and I didn’t post yesterday. Sorry about that guys. But this might happen a few more times (meaning I might miss some more days) before I go back home, because now my sisters live right next door and we’re always making spontaneous plans with them. If I do miss another post, I’ll post twice on the next day to make up for it. However, I will try my best not to let that happen. I’ll try to keep posts ready beforehand by typing them out when I have extra time.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the book haul!

1. A List Of Cages – Robin Roe

Post #31.jpg

2. Since You’ve Been Gone – Morgan Matson

Post #31 (2).jpg

3. We Were Liars – Emily Lockhart

Post #31 (3)

4. Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella

Post #31 (4).png

5. I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

Post #31 (5).png

6. The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

Post #31 (6).png

7. Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Post #31 (7).png

8. Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell

Post #31 (8).jpg

And now………..the one I have been waiting for for over a year………..DRUM ROLL PLEASE

9. The Dark Prophecy (The Trials Of Apollo Book 2) – Rick Riordan

Post #31 (9).jpg



That was my book haul for this summer vacation! Stay tuned because I have read most of these and will be reviewing each of them soon, and I will also be picking one for May’s BOTM!

Thanks for reading 🙂

ThePastryPoet, signing off.




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