Genevieve Marshall, A Literary Hero

I read a lot. You must know that by know, but just in case you don’t, it’s true. I am addicted.

And that’s why I love Episode Interactive. It’s an amazing platform for aspiring writers, because it allows you to read and write stories with

  • live, moving characters that do a bunch of crazy actions including the whip,
  • sounds,
  • speech bubbles,
  • and chapters.

The stories are published as chapters, and you need a ‘pass’ to read each chapter. I love it so much because, although I wouldn’t trade the original, paper-flipping experience for anything, it makes reading very fun, and as the name suggests, interactive. There are thousands of stories to choose from, and it’s almost like watching a mini movie, because you can watch the characters actually act out everything they say. It’s hilarious.

Episode was where I stumbled upon Dripping Mascara.

I don’t even have enough words to express what I think about this story. Written by Genevieve Marshall, Dripping Mascara is one of the most entrancing, captivating, and breathtakingly immersive stories I have EVER been fortunate enough to read. There is truly no other like it, and there’s a reason it has 4.5 million reads on Episode. Gen herself is a med student, just like the main character in Dripping Mascara

Dripping Mascara is romance/fantasy story that follows the life of protagonist Michelle Manzo, a girl who lost her parents at the age of 13. She is a biologist and has devoted her life to discovering the cure for cancer, since it was the cause of her mother’s death. The incredibly complex tale begins as she moves back to San Jose, where she is reunited with her extremely close family friends, the Ruscuitis, and her childhood love, Matthew Ruscuiti.

I cannot describe the plot for you. I am incapable of it. But I can tell you that it does not IN THE LEAST, revolve solely around any of the things mentioned above. There’s MUCH more to it than that. There seems to be a whole new plot in every chapter, and the fantasy sector of the tale is just spectacular. There is love, anger, betrayal (lots of it), sadness, lies, death, sacrifice, happiness, and every other major emotion that we love to see in any good story.

But Dripping Mascara is not just a story. It is a MIRACLE. It is its own universe, which manages to stay realistic at the same time.

And Gen isn’t just a writer, or a person. She’s a GOD in my books. How do I know that? When team #Empress suffered a blow, my brain was constantly working overtime to figure out what caused Matthew to act that way. When Miriam died (it looks like a spoiler, but it’s really not 😉 ), my heart physically ached for the Ruscuitis. When I learned the truth about the demise of Shelley’s parents, I felt like a dozen doors had just opened for me, and told me some kind of secret that made me infinitely more intelligent. Her writing is better than some of the best published authors I’ve read. Her style is so unique, and her vocabulary is so powerful and striking. Each sentence she writes is so impactful, and she manages to add just the right touch of humour in the same, classy writing style she uses.

To make this woman even more amazing, her chapters are by the far the longest of any story on episode. Sometimes, it’s taken me almost half an hour to read one episode, and that’s great because you only get four passes every 4 hours. Also, she always leaves an author’s note at the end of each episode to give her readers any updates about her life or the story’s developments, and she really cares about what her readers think. She loves hearing from her fans, and she truly values all the fan art and poems she receives. She works endlessly to smooth out any glitches and give her readers only the best experience.

Genevieve Marshall and her legacy (Dripping Mascara) are such a huge inspiration to me as an aspiring author. She deserves all the success she has gotten, and I am so fortunate to have read this story on Episode.

This woman and her story are amazing. Please check out her story on Episode, which you can download on iOS and Android. Also, you can visit her Instagram here 🙂 . She changed my life with her words, and I’m sure she’ll change yours too.

The world needs more stories like Dripping Mascara, and more people like Genevieve Marshall. Thank you so much Gen.

Thank you guys for reading 🙂 . As usual, let me know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for more!

ThePastryPoet, signing off.


4 thoughts on “Genevieve Marshall, A Literary Hero

    • ThePastryPoet says:

      HAHA, that was so me when I first read Dripping Mascara. I’m so glad you’ll try it, make sure to tell me when you’re done or what you think when you’ve read it :).
      The comments section is always open to everyone :).


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