The Stages of Reading Percy Jackson

Ambrosia! Nectar! Gods of Olympus! All things Camp Half Blood!

If you read that, you know it’s gonna be a good post.

Today, my friends, I will tell you a bit about the phases I went through while reading the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ series. Let me just make it very clear that I have read a LOT of books, and PJO and HoO were by far my favourite reads ever. I even like it a bit more than Harry Potter šŸ˜‰ .

*runs away screaming from passionate Potterheads while trying to avoid all the jinxes being cast*

But I’m a Potterhead too. And if you aren’t, then, well…

Post #7

Anyway, the average demigod goes through a whole lot when reading the Percy Jackson series. Let’s break it down:

1. Intrigued.

This is the first stage. At this point, you are completely oblivious to the wonders of ancient Greece and Camp Half Blood, and completely unaware that soon, you will never again be able to look at a horse without imagining it with wings. This is how it goes: you start the first book. Two hours later you finish it because you can’t put the thing down. And then you’re like HEY! THAT’S COOL! Because now, your interest is peaked and your attention is successfully caught, so all you want to do is read more.

2. Infatuation.

This usually happens by the time you’re done with The Titan’s Curse. By the time you reach this stage, you are no longerĀ Sarah or Joe or King Some-Fancy-Name the Third anymore. Now, you’re a Son of Poseidon or Daughter of Apollo, and you slay Minotaurs in your free time. They really need to make a stronger word for TOTAL OBSESSION, because you’re already miles past that stage. You probably spend your time checking if you have ADHD so that you can start packing your bags for Camp, come summer.

3. Death from Cuteness.

Book five. Ah, book five. The one that reduces so many teenaged girls to this:

Post #7 (2)

Because let’s face it. Percabeth is PERFECTION. And sometimes (Ā *Mt St. Helens* *Return from Mt St. Helens* *After Battle of Manhattan* *Takes knife for Percy during Battle of Manhattan* ), it’s too much to handle. And of course, there’s Silena and Beckendorf too. You know what? Box of tissues, that’s what you need.

4. Depression and Denial.

I am all too familiar with this phase. The last page is flipped. You’re done. But you can’t accept it of course. So for the next couple of weeks, you just sort of exist in a Greek stupor and obsessively try to control the water in your pool. When that doesn’t work, you resort to doing other completely normal things like kidnapping your friends and shoving the book in their hands if they haven’t already read it, or painting your T shirts orange and writing Camp Half Blood on it in black sharpie. Because the books CAN’T be over yet. They just can’t.

5. Full On Stalker Mode.

You might as well grow up to be a private eye, because your stalking skills are honed and ready to go. You begin to stalk anything and everything Percy Jackson related. From surrounding yourself in fan art and reading every single Percabeth fanfiction available on the internet, to practicing your expert swordplay on the wall with a popsicle stick, and telling everyone to do the same.

The moral of the story is,

Post #7 (3)

or just ‘Percy Jackson cool’ in general

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you want to see more posts like this or if you went through the same thing as I didĀ XD .

I’m not THAT obsessed though.

Now, please excuse me while IĀ attend my Pegasus riding class.

ThePastryPoet, signing off.



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