Books: Series or Standalones?

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And today, I plan to debate a very serious issue that plagues the bookworm community. This is a topic which every avid reader struggles with during their life, and often leads to fellow bookworms turning against each other. Yes, I have been told previously that I have a flair for being dramatic, but it sparked your interest didn’t it? If you were a dog, your ears would totally be pointing straight up right now, wouldn’t they?

So which type of book is actually better? A series, or an independent one?

See, this is one of those questions which doesn’t have a straight answer. It’s like asking someone if they like Nutella. Well, not really. Let’s not be stupid, the answer to THAT question is a universal, way-too-passionate yes, as long as you are a homosapien.

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Anyway, series and independent reads both have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Series – An Overview

  • They’re as immersive as quicksand. And way less dangerous too!

A series is when books are published separately but they are part of the same world and original storyline, often with a new subplot(s) in every independent book. The result is that this world becomes your reality. Because there are three or more books in a series, the events are ongoing, which means you can effectively enjoy your not-actual-reality for a much longer time. Hooray!

  • Your life is likely to lose its meaning once you flip that final page.

Series are great. Absolutely wonderful. But, as I mentioned above, they can distort your vision of reality, and when that author decides to publish the final book, the real world is going to lose its appeal once you’re done with it. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve finished a series and just looked up from my spot on the sofa, and then proceeded to keep my butt parked firmly in that very spot for AT LEAST half an hour, just mulling the entire storyline over in my head. It is unacceptable that the story has finally ended. That Dumbledore is dead. That Leo Valdez will not crack another ridiculously hilarious joke because there won’t be another book to host them. And if you do get over the series FINALLY, it will take time. Lots of it. More than you thought you had.

Standalones – An Overview

  • If you want your world to stay pretty much the same, you’re better off here.

What I meant to say is, independent books are better for one-time fun reads. Obviously, we can’t read only series and I don’t intend to either, but reading a series is a biiiiiiiig commitment. That’s what makes independent books so great, the storyline is short and doesn’t take over your whole life as if it’s your parents or something ( just kidding, my mom and dad are cool – most of the time XD ). I’m definitely not saying that independent books are less impactful or whatever, because that would be a complete lie (have you READ All The Bright Places?). It’s just that reading them is way less stressful and takes up less storage in your brain.

  • Which also makes them more forgetful.

This is isn’t a bad or a good thing. My life would be way easier if I could just erase the wizarding world from my mind after finishing The Deathly Hallows, but that’s not how it works (I don’t really want it to work that way either XD ). After finishing an independent book, I can get up and move on with life way faster than I would be able to if I was reading a series, and that can be both good and not-so-good. Overall, I have, personally, found that series make a much more lasting impression on me in the long run. What do you think?

So you see, they’re both great. They’re just very different, and that’s what makes them both so interesting. My life would be a mess if there were only series to read (because I would completely forget how to live normally hehe), and vice-versa.

I actually had quite a few more points to add in both the ‘Overviews’ , but they were coinciding with some of the content I’ve been planning to include in ‘The Struggles Of Being a Bookworm’. That post is coming up soon, so stay tuned.

Which do you like more? Let me know what you think in the comments, and like this post, if, well, you know, you liked it!

Be back soon.

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