Poste Numero Un: Introductions!

Hello blogging community! I’m sure that bloggers must have a super cool collective name for themselves, but I don’t know it yet. Would anyone like to fill me in?

Anyway, HI! This is indeed my very first blog and if you didn’t already guess from the extremely secretive, completely unrevealing title, it’s going to be mainly about baking and books! Aka, the source of my existence. In this little bubble of the internet which I currently share with WordPress, I’m going to ramble about my love for literature and desserts. This will include book reviews, recommendations, posts about writing, original stories and poems, recipes, baking banter, and much more. Although this blog is mainly focussed on the two topics mentioned above, I will be posting quite regularly about other things as well, ranging right from myself and my school life, to my take on global issues.  I’ll establish a proper schedule for my posts very soon, but for now, the frequency of my posts just depends on my typically adolescent, ever-changing mood 🙂

It’s like those books where you have a whole bunch of different characters, (say, for example, Harry Potter) some with fairly large roles in the storyline, but ultimately the entire plot boils down to two characters (in this case, that’ll be our very own bespectacled Griffyndor pupil, and ol’ Baldemort). Literature and dessert are this blog’s Harry Potter and Voldemort. Well, kind of. I doubt that a macaron would be capable of witchcraft, but hey. You get mini pizzas as pizza toppings now. Nothin’s impossible!

I am choosing to keep this blog anonymous for the time being, just so that you guys can enjoy (I sincerely hope:)) without having to dwell on my race, religion, or background. However, I’m not going to be posting as a total stranger. That would be weird. I am your average high schooler, very much female, with an unhealthy passion for flippin’ pages and sugary treats. I live in India since the past five years, but Sydney, Australia, was my home for the first ten years of my book-fuelled life.

I’ll be telling you more about myself in specialised posts later on, because this one was intended solely for introductions :). Hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be back soon, very soon, most probably, because I am on summer vacation currently and have a blissful amount of free time on my hands.

ThePastryPoet, signing off


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